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Is Our Relationship Not Deep Enough?

Group Therapy: Is Our Love Naive?

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I've been dating my boyfriend for a several months now and we were friends long before. This is my first relationship so I realize I don't have a basis for comparison, but I still feel like we have something amazing and things are going really well.

However, this relationship (perhaps as I said, because it's my first) has caused me to think a lot about the nature of love. And I get the feeling that we have a very "young love," maybe even what you'd call naive. We're both upperclassmen in college so I don't think we're too young to maintain a serious relationship, or in any case, a non-naive relationship. We spend a lot of time simply telling each other how much we like each other, why we like each other or even just reminiscing on special moments between us (this has increased since we've been long distance for the summer). I think we can both definitely be defined as sappy when it comes to each other. We like to buy gifts for each other and treat each other. And he likes to brag about me to his friends. At the moment, of course, I'm just enjoying all this! Things have been great and I have no intentions of ending it. It's just that sometimes it seems like we talk more about why/how much we enjoy each other rather than real things. Like jobs after college. Or religion. Or even our day-to-day activities. We still have our share of serious conversations (after all I wouldn't have dated him if I didn't really connect with him on some level) but it seems we would just prefer to shamelessly dote on each other (and him more than me). Maybe we just use each other as escape from real life stress?

So I sometimes wonder if this will be a problem in the future. Or rather, if later on I'll look back and simply look at us as a stupid passing obsession rather than a meaningful, caring relationship. What I'm really looking for here is a discussion, since I don't feel I actually need relationship advice at the moment (although any given would be interesting). What I'm asking is:

What is "young love"? What constitutes naivety in love? And do these things end a relationship? Do they keep a relationship from actually hitting a deeper level and being meaningful?

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