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Dear Sugar
How do you nicely tell a friend she smells a little rank? I have tried getting her bubble bath, fragrant shower gels, body sprays, and I have even bought her deodorant as little token gifts. Each time I buy her something I use the excuse that there was a buy one get one free deal and that it would take me forever to use up the second one!

This is such a taboo subject and it's not something you just come right out and tell someone, so I am reluctant to start a conversation with her that I am unprepared to handle. Do you know of any gentle ways to tell someone they need to tweak their personal hygiene? Helping a Sister out Hayden

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Dear Helping a Sister out Hayden
Breaking the news to a smelly friend isn't easy, but she sure will appreciate your honesty. What part of her body odor is so off putting? Unfortunately, sometimes masking the poor order with fragrant perfumes and body sprays can make it worse.

Could she be suffering from bad breath or are you sure it is bad body odor? How close are you with your gal pal? Has she seen her physician lately? Although you don't feel like you can come right out and say it, sometimes blatant honesty works.

Do you exercise together? You could try saying, in a joking manner - wow - you need a shower, girlfriend! If you notice a new perfume, you could tell her you do not really like her new scent and that you don't think it goes well with her body chemistry.

If you aren't feeling up to being the messenger, a passive aggressive, yet borderline brutal way to get your point across is to write her an anonymous note and stick it in her mailbox. Chances are, she won't stop until she rids herself of the smell and probably won't even mention it to her friends out of pure embarrassment. Good luck.

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