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Parking in Pink: Girly Color Marks Women-Only Parking Spots

I came across a story yesterday about pink parking spaces in South Korea. One city has decided to paint extra large spots a pretty pink so unskilled (women) drivers can park with ease. Apparently driving while female is a handicap.

In shock (and with a few giggles) I did a quick Google search. I discovered that South Korea is not alone.

I found an airport in Germany that also reserves some "very special rows" for women. And Swiss parking enforcers also adorn extra large spaces with pink outlines and flowers, hoping it will deter male drivers.

Before I could get too mad, I realized there was some method to Switzerland's apparent madness — the women-only spots are located next to a parking lot's exit, and under video surveillance.

So while South Korea insults "unskilled" women drivers, Switzerland promises to keep us safe. Either way, who wants to park in a bright pink spot? Well, maybe. It is sort of pretty.


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