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Period Blues

Dear Sugar
I am 22 years old and I suffer from depression. When I am PMSing, my depression gets even worse and I sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed and tend to just want to be alone. I've recently starting dating someone, (it's been around two months) and I am wondering when would be a good time to tell him about this. How can I bring it up without scaring him off? Bummed out Blaire

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Dear Bummed out Blaire
I am sorry to hear you are struggling with depression. Are you on any medication? Many women suffer from mood alterations when they are premenstrual so don't be too hard on yourself if you like to be alone during that time of the month.

Every woman is different and each period is unique, but luckily there are some ways to ease the pain of PMS. Exercising three to five times a week helps improve your mood and lowering your intake of caffeine and alcohol has also been proven to lower the chances of feeling down and out.

Try taking a calcium supplement right before your period as calcium has also been proven to help remedy PMS. Telling your boyfriend about your depression is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong time or way, just make sure it feels right for you.

Although you fear he will scare easily, if he cares about you, chances are he will be understanding and respectful of your feelings. Having the support from your boyfriend and loved ones could help with your blues so lean on the people around you.

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