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Douche Overload

There ain't no party like a douchebag party. If you ain't down, talk to the hand, yo.

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Grey Douche

Vodka is a lot like hair gel: you can nevah-evah have too much on you.

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A Douche Kiss-Off

A smile is cheesy. A pucker is pure playa.

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DB Shopping Spree

He may buy shirts, but a true douche never wears them.

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Superdouche to the Rescue!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's. . .one heinous belt. But the stretchtastic silver shirt magnifies his manly muscles, no?

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Meet the Entourage

Every DB has to have his boys— cuz the girls are M.I.A.

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Look Deep Into My Eyes

Remember that Enrique Iglesias song?

"I can be your douchebag baby. I can pucker away the pain. And I will stand by you forever. You can share my tan spray, ok? . . ."

Yeah, it's his fave.

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