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Is a Politician's Abortion Stance Crucial?

Is a Politician's Abortion Stance Crucial?

President Obama may be a rock star president, but not every young person in America jumps at the chance to see him in concert give a speech. Seniors at the University of Notre Dame, who object to the President's pro-choice stance, will skip graduation, where Obama's set to deliver the commencement speech. Instead the group will hold a prayer service to protest Obama's visit, which they think threatens the school's Catholic identity.

This act of protest made me curious: how many people consider it a deal breaker when a politician holds a different view on abortion? It's almost impossible to agree with a national leader on every issue, but often abortion stands out as a crucial position. Thanks to opposing abortion views, these students at Notre Dame won't even listen to Obama's speech, let alone vote for him.

Staunch pro-lifers would never dream of voting for anyone who supported a woman's right to abortion, while other pro-choicers consider pro-life leaders a direct threat to their liberties.

Before you even consider voting for a politician do you make sure his or her views on abortion match your own?


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