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Polygamist Families Seek Legal Right to Marry in Utah

Three Is Enough: Polygamist Families Want Right to Marry(s)

The third season of Big Love ended with a bang (or a gasp?) Sunday, so we'll have to follow real-life polygamists until next season. Good thing there's some who want to be seen and heard, saying things like Jesus had many wives. Maybe he did?

Anne Wilde, a polygamist widow, is leading the Principle Voices campaign to legalize, or at least decriminalize, plural marriage in Utah. She showed BBC her basement/publishing house filled with books she and her husband published, including their bestseller, Jesus Was Married, which shows Jesus was married and married and married.

She led dozens of polygamists to the square outside the Utah State Legislature building to lobby for plural marriage. While it's felony in Utah, and every other state, there are too many people (nearly 40,000 just in Utah) to prosecute it. In fact, Anne and self-identified polygamists talked congenially to Utah's attorney general that day. His stance? As long there are no child marriages or pedophilia accusations, he'll let them be.

One openly polygamist family, which couldn't be more like Big Love's Hendricksons and less like the stereotypical prairie-garbed families, let BBC into their home. To find out what their lives are like,


Kody Brown, husband of three and father of 12, lives in a house divided into three apartments. While his teenage daughters have mixed feelings about entering plural marriage, he says his own is working out well. "Usually whoever knows what they want," he said, "can get it." Imagine that's so when there's three wives who give!

Check out a video of the family, sans the second and third wives, at home on BBC.


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