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Is It Possible to Be Friends With an Ex?

Group Therapy: Can We Be Just Friends?

This is an excerpt from a Group Therapy question in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My ex is wanting to be friends. It's hard for me to decide if I'm ready for that. If I'm ready for the friends after dating thing. We were dating for quite some time and he broke up with me. I was absolutely heartbroken. I cried for a week almost. I thought that we had a good relationship together, we didn't fight or have many disagreements. When he broke up with me he actually said he wanted someone who would stand up against him on things, someone who he could have a good argument with. It surprised me! It made me think that he wanted to be in a relationship with a b*tch? It makes no sense to me? What can that mean? The point is now he wants to be friends, but for some reason I still have that thought of wanting to be with him. I still feel that I love him.

We have been texting and talking on the phone. I haven't actually hung out with him just yet 'cause I don't really know his true intentions. Most of the time it's just about random things, like off the wall stuff, but I feel like he might be trying to really get to know me sometimes. And they are actually good conversations. But every once in a while it can get a tad sexual. And sex was one thing we were always able to connect on. He has mentioned that sex is the last thing he is focused on with me. That he wants to be able to maintain a positive friendship. I guess what I'm asking is if in this situation, would you be friends with your ex who you still care about?

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