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Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

9 Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

Last week I asked what qualities, besides love, make a good relationship. From practical to profound, several of you chimed in with insightful advice. Here are nine highlights.

  1. "Communication, trust, honesty, loyalty, no baggage, laughter, and physical attraction." — skigurl
  2. "When both people are thriving on all levels in life, and they're content." — GlowingMoon
  3. "Date a lot — that way you'll know what you want and what you don't want for the long haul." — Jereldan
  4. "Being able to keep each other company and make each other laugh." — nancita
  5. "If being in a relationship makes life easier and more pleasant for both parties involved, that's a good relationship." — Girl Jen

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  1. "Sharing similar values . . . it's a must for me." — hibiscus96818
  2. "We verbalize why we love each other a lot." — skigurl
  3. "Respect, trust and communication. You can have all the love you want, but if you don't have these things, then, you don't have anything." — totygoliguez
  4. "Being able to compromise and also being able to forgive and forget . . . every relationship has its bad points and fights, some worse than others, and no two people can fully agree on everything, so I think that being able to talk things out and consider each other's points of view, and also being able to let things go if they don't matter that much to you personally." — lizette417

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