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Race Infiltrates Political Races, KKK Sees Benefits of Obama

While white supremacists hope a President Obama would inspire white backlash, a black Congressional candidate, who used the image of the KKK in a campaign ad, has lost her Democratic primary in a landslide.

Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke predicts that a black president could advance white civil rights, as whites would be inspired to rise up and begin what he calls a long overdue revolution. About 200,000 Americans are thought to be members of white supremacy groups. I think a white uprising is unrealistic, but perhaps a "backlash" could take a more subtle form, like the scaling back of affirmative action programs.

Over in Tennessee, a black Democratic attorney who used race and religion as her main tools against a Jewish opponent, suffered a resounding electoral defeat yesterday. Nikki Tinker ran a TV ad putting photos of her opponent and a hooded Ku Klux Klan member side-by-side. Tinker's supporters also said a black district should be represented by a black candidate. The victorious incumbent, Steve Cohen, is one of two white representatives representing a black-majority district in the House of Representatives. Do you think race will leave American politics any time soon?


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