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Rachel Maddow Talks Inauguration and Bush's Plans

Rachel Maddow Talks Inauguration and Bush's Plans

Rachel Maddow took the stage at the TCAs in LA yesterday to promote her wildly popular new show and recent skyrocket to fame. She was friendly and responsive, cracking a few jokes and giving us an idea of what her show will be like as President Bush makes way for President Obama. She likened MSNBC's inauguration plan to "the Mars landing" in its intricacy and talked about how she hopes to be able to take it in as a whole and focus on what an incredible moment it is. Plus, don't worry, she knows she'll still find "idiocy" in Washington to make fun of. Here are some highlights:

  • On Wednesday's brunch with Obama: He answered whatever we wanted. He was totally forthcoming and didn't 'no comment' us on anything. It was a lot of wonky people in the room asking wonky questions. It wasn't 'How does it feel to be getting inaugurated right now?' 'How do you feel about this historic moment?' It was very much 'This is what I think about Yemen.' 'This is what I think about Guantanamo.' He's as wonky as I am which is extreme.
  • On President Bush's plans post-inauguration: He gives his big speech [last night] and then he goes away! For as long as he possibly can. And then no international travel, probably, for the rest of his life.
  • On her show post-Bush: I don’t think we are at risk of idiocy going out of fashion in Washington so wherever there are bad ideas I will find ways to make fun of them. Sometimes it will be bad democratic ideas, sometimes it will be bad republican ideas. Beating up on George Bush now feels like, I’d rather not. . . I will be replacing lame duck quack-itude, there will be something with a funny sophomoric sound effect.

To see what Rachel said about her SNL parody and what she was like in high school,


  • On the SNL skit parodying her: I thought it was very funny.
  • On herself in high school: Can anybody actually say with any accuracy what they were like in high school or do we look at it through rose-colored glasses? I got good grades but I also got detention, a lot. I would cut class to go to the doughnut shop and hang out with my friends. I did a lot of sports. I was a three sport varsity athlete — basketball, swimming, volleyball.

The president of MSNBC was by her side and couldn't stop gushing about the network's newest rising star. We're all watching to see what she does next.


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