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Real Doll Reels 'Em Into BBQ Joint

Real Doll Reels 'Em Into BBQ Joint

When fewer customers began visiting Kenny Tessel's restaurant, KT Barbeque in Reading, OH, he knew he had to do something to attract drivers who passed by. The obvious solution? Put a big-breasted mannequin wearing a bikini top and Daisy Dukes in front to attract customers, or at least to get them to do a double take.

Guess what? It totally worked. One woman's husband almost crashed their car ogling Bar Be (yes, that's her name) but both he and his wife stopped in for food! "She's been outside for over three weeks," said Tessel, "and I've had 70 new customers come in this store and buy something." That's a 30 percent increase. My question is, have there been any marriage proposals? Because you know some poor fool is in love.

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