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Real or Fake: Mark Sanford Love Quotes

Not content with letting his epic press conference be the only chance he had to share his feelings for his mistress Maria, Gov. Mark Sanford explored the topic again in an interview with the AP yesterday. In the interview, Mark described his meetings with Maria and disclosed that he "crossed the line" with (but didn't sleep with) other women, too. He also said that this Maria Belen Chapur is his soul mate, but he's trying to fall back in love with his wife. Congratulations, Mr. Governor! Although, I'm not so sure she'll want to stay your wife for much longer.

The interview was a treasure trove of ridiculous quotes from Sanford. See if you can spot the real musings from the ones I happened to make up (in the Sanford style, of course).

Real or Fake: Mark Sanford Love Quotes

''Now I am frightened. It was before safe. But now it's not safe. We gotta put the genie back in the bottle.''

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