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14 Reasons to Date a Musician

Feb 27 2015 - 3:00pm

We find ourselves asking the question most have asked since the beginning of time: why are musicians so attractive? Honestly, do the instruments have magical powers that immediately make the bearer of the guitar, bass, or drumsticks go up a level in hotness? We've all heard from plenty of reputable sources that dating a musician is risky, and there may be some merit to that argument — there are the issues of groupies, weird hours, long tours, and bad exes. But there are also a ton of upsides to dating a guy with an instrument, and we think the perks outweigh the drawbacks. Dating a musician is actually a brilliant idea, and here is why.

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They will write you songs and serenade you.

You get VIP and backstage passes.

You get the shout-out at shows. Yes, you're that girl . . .

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They rock long hair better than most.

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They are supercoordinated.

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And they are good with their hands . . .

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You get free tickets to shows since they have tons of friends in bands.

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They have a sensitive side.

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You can do cute duets that will make everyone go "aww."

Need a van and some muscle to move your things? You've got it!

They provide you with a never-ending list of new music.

They are very easy on the eyes.

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But seriously . . .

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What's not to love?

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