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Relationship Protocol: Have You Ever Embarrassed Each Other?

As your relationship develops and you grow closer together, eventually you begin to learn the more intimate details of your partner like his particular neuroses and even his bathroom habits. Being privy to so much private information about the other, it would be simple to break one of the good standby relationship rules — making the other person look good — by revealing one of those intimate details to others. Fortunately, most of us have enough commonsense to avoid such an indiscretion.

But sometimes, whether we're feeling particularly spiteful or simply suffering a slip of the tongue, certain bits of information, opinions, or behaviors, which you'd bother rather keep private, can make their way into a social setting and serious embarrassment can ensue. Hopefully this doesn't happen often, but ladies, have you and your man ever embarrassed each other? If so, was it intentional or totally accidental?


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