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Relationships Can Make Us Gain Weight and Other Qualities

On average, men gain 14 pounds when their partners are pregnant. The plumper papas credit the sympathy weight to reasons like wanting to make their partners feel better about their own weight gains.

This story got me thinking: what other qualities do people suddenly acquire thanks to their partners? Here are some examples:

  • Musical tastes: Your iPod might suddenly be filled with ambient music from bands you never heard of thanks to a new crush. The more people you date, the better your library.
  • Reading lists: If you hook up with a nonfiction buff, you might check out the latest releases so you can have your own book club for two.
  • To see other things you might gain from your new partner,

  • Vocabulary: I definitely heard my friend's boyfriend say, "Whatevs!" more than once, after they started spending a lot of time together.
  • Style: We've all seen those shapeshifting couples who slowly begin to dress alike.
  • TV watching habits: I know some men that blame their girlfriends for a newfound Real Housewives of New York obsession. And if your partner likes sports, you might actually find yourself rooting for the favorite team, too.
  • Food: If your partner cooks, you might learn to appreciate foods you previously hated.

Of course, it's not desirable to change yourself completely when you're in a relationship; but much like the men who gain weight when their partners are pregnant, sometimes we can't help but be influenced by the people we're close to.


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