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Republicans Make BarackBook Page For Obama

The GOP Helps You Stay Up to Date With Barack's "Friends"

The GOP wants you to keep up with all of Barack Obama's "friends." Using the layout of Facebook, the Republican National Committee has created BarackBook, a faux-social networking site complete with extensive profiles for characters like shady Chicago businessman Tony Rezko and Weather Underground leader William Ayers.

Profile pages include disparaging headlines and videos of Hillary Clinton insinuating ties between Obama and these people during Democratic debates. You can't make your own profile, but you can donate to the RNC! There is also an official Facebook application.

While this is a creative way to spread the message of guilt by association, I can't help but be struck by the overwhelming negativity. Why not dedicate all this energy toward highlighting McCain's strengths? In the end, I guess you can't blame the RNC for using tactics it thinks will help McCain prevail. Winning is the preeminent concern in presidential elections. I'm just curious if it will be an effective tactic this year.


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