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Are Republicans Turning Away From McCain?

Despite the fervency of the some of the crowds McCain has been drawing lately, I'm sensing a worrying and definite attrition of supporters, perhaps even because of that very fervency — it is hard to deny that lately, there has been a shift in the tone of the McCain campaign. McCain debuted what's being touted as a "comeback" speech moments ago, as even some who haven't officially haven't renounced a McCain/Palin vote are expressing doubt.

I got this email from a friend this weekend, a Dole-Bush-Bush voting Republican explaining why she's doubting:

The last four months of the campaign make me furious. How dare they take away the (albeit unconventional) dignified essence of the candidate and leave us with this dumb hick woman and a mob of uniformed reactionary zealots and call that a case made for a vote? It's an ill-conceived and torturous soul-selling for victory that will only ultimately prove to be ironic when he loses. Furious! I couldn't feel more cheated out of my vote. I'm honestly considering not casting one.

A strong response of the current campaign strategy to be sure, but these waning, and some say uglier, days of the campaign have put many ill at ease supporting McCain. Conservative by birth Christopher Buckley wrote a column this weekend titled, "Sorry, Dad, I'm voting for Obama." To see what he said,


In his piece he explains what many might be feeling:

All this is genuinely saddening, and for the country is perhaps even tragic, for America ought, really, to be governed by men like John McCain—who have spent their entire lives in its service, even willing to give the last full measure of their devotion to it. If he goes out losing ugly, it will be beyond tragic, graffiti on a marble bust.

Buckley isn't alone. The co-founder of the RedState blog wrote Friday that he opened his ballot intending to vote for McCain, but then admitted, "In the end, I couldn't do it." Other Republicans are coming to this decision too, for a variety of reasons.

If you're a McCain supporter, are you feeling less sure of your vote? Why? Are these reactions isolated cases of less-than-true Republicans — are real supporters fired up?

Update: In a similar vein, Christopher Hitchens just released his endorsement for Obama.

Update II: Dennis Hopper just joined the Obama list too. . . .


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