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Restroom Parity Act Means More Bathrooms For Women but Not Enough For Actual Gender Parity

Restroom Parity Act to Flush the Wage Gap — or Is It Just Another Waste?

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Ever foregone that extra glass of water because you didn't want to be at the mercy of public bathrooms, and their infamous lines? We've all done the dance, crossed our legs, covertly tried to see if there were feet under the stall doors, and at least once in our adult lives, braved the men's room, which almost never has a line. I did it after an eight-hour transatlantic flight several years ago, and, after congratulating myself on making it to the bathroom without incident, was more than a little peeved to see that in addition to the two stalls that the women's bathroom had, the men's bathroom also had two urinals. That's the case in bathrooms everywhere, from airports to office buildings.

To find out what lawmakers are doing about it,


Federal buildings, under the care of the General Service Administration, have been built to include equal facilities for men and women since the 1980s but most federal buildings predate the 1980s. The GSA claims to not have had complaints about in-equal restrooms, but who among us has ever filed an official complaint over what generally is considered both trivial and impolite to discuss?  Many someones must have, because a new bill before Congress seeks to require equal facilities for men and women throughout all federal buildings

Is it crazy to propose to spend what will surely equal millions of dollars on renovating bathrooms to include more toilets? I'm sure there are dozens of bloggers and newspaper columnists drooling over the clever quips and quotes that can be used to deride this use of tax dollars. 

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