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Roe v. Roe: Pro-Life "Jane Roe" Arrested at Sotomayor Hearing

Roe v. Roe: Pro-Life "Jane Roe" Arrested at Sotomayor Hearing

The tale of America's battle over abortion is a complicated one. When asked about Roe v. Wade today, Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor said that the case was settled law. But that's an answer the case's namesake wishes weren't true. Jane Roe, whose real name is Norma McCorvey, was arrested at Sotomayor's hearing yesterday after she began screaming that Sotomayor was wrong about abortion.

Norma McCorvey's pregnancy and subsequent lawsuit — the infamous Roe v. Wade — resulted in the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion. But today, McCorvey, who gave birth to the baby in question before her case reached the Supreme Court, opposes abortion. She heads her own pro-life ministry called Roe No More.

In case you don't know much about Norma (aka "Roe"), let me share some of the more intriguing details of her life. Her grandmother was a prostitute and a fortune teller, her father a TV repair man, and her mother an alcoholic. After her first child was born, she told her mother that she preferred women to men, prompting her mother to take the child and banish Norma. She later gave birth to another child, which she gave up for adoption. She got pregnant again with a baby that became the Roe baby. Years later, in 1995, Norma quit her job at an abortion clinic, announced that she was pro-life, and joined Operation Rescue.

McCorvey once wrote: "Though I had never had one, abortion was the sun around which my life orbited." It seems that is still the case.

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