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Roommate Advice

Our Readers' Case Against Roommates

If you've ever had roommates, chances are you've dealt with some sticky situations. I've had all sorts of roomie experiences over the last eight years, from great to not so great, but I'm currently on the cusp of moving into a place all my own for the very first time. While I've always been a believer in the benefits of roommates — splitting costs, safety, etc. — I must admit the drama-free perks of living solo are appealing. In the midst of my own unsavory living sitch, I reached out to you on Facebook for advice on dealing with difficult roommate environments. Some of you offered helpful tips like being flexible, sharing cleaning duties, and creating boundaries, but a majority of you have found through trial and error that living alone is the way to go.

Here's a case against roommates with your real-world horror stories to illustrate:

Lost Friendships

  • "After years of terrible roommates and lost friendships I choose to live alone. My apartment is older and TINY, but it's just me and I LOVE IT!" — Cameron
  • "Just do not do it. I lost my best friend because of it, she turned into something that I couldn't believe . . . so it didn't work out. You just have to be very communicative and ALWAYS talk about bills and be on the same page. Never make a decision alone when it involves the apartment, drama will happen for sure." — Jessica
  • "I did it once and will probably never do it again. I lived with a friend and her bf and it was the worst mistake ever. He and I hate each other and it makes it hard on her especially now that they have a baby together!!" — Lauryn

Keep reading for more reasons to nix housemates.

Not Happy at Home

  • "If you aren't happy and there are a number of issues which aren't being resolved, find a better situation for yourself before tension builds too high. Life is too short to be unhappy towards someone you live with. Your home should be the place you feel the most comfortable, where you can relax from your busy day and you shouldn't feel stressed out to be there. I actually made my move this past Saturday due to an unfortunate roommate situation and even though it was unfortunate to lose my entire deposit, my happiness was more important. Just be sure to go about it the right way, give your 30 days, don't be disrespectful etc. . . ." — Sara

Disrespectful Roomies

  • "My first college roommate had already been to AA during high school. She came in every morning around 3 or 4 and on the weekends would sleep til 4 in the afternoon. I had to listen to her and her friends talk about the difference between good cocaine and bad cocaine based on the way it was cooked. And to top it off there were a few nights during the semester I would wake up to her having sex with some random guy." — Kimberly
  • "Did it once, will never do it again — which is why I am living with my parents at the moment. When I woke up to some random person (she had people over, I could hear them) rattling my locked doorknob at 1 a.m. and I was trying to sleep . . . and when I woke up to loud reggae music on more than one occasion . . . and when I found $20 had disappeared from my wallet because she needed extra money to pay our cab driver, I knew it wouldn't work out and I bolted." — Kasey

Do you have any more to add? Or do you prefer housemates to living alone? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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