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The Rules of Casual Sex

We've discussed how a friends-with-benefits situation can lead to problems. But if you're single, sometimes you want to be able to enjoy a little nooky with a partner who you actually know, so there are some perks to having a trusted booty call. Of course it's all about finding a balance between physical intimacy and emotional detachment. In the hopes of helping achieve this perfect and elusive equilibrium of the casual hook-up, Daily Bedpost has formulated a list of 25 rules. I picked my favorites below, and threw in a few of my own, too.

  • Both parties must be either single or in open relationships.
  • Exes you are currently friends with make ideal booty call partners. However, if one party broke the other's heart, pursuing a booty-call arrangement is a no-no (at least for 24 months).
  • If you're not having fun, then by definition, it isn't a proper booty call.
  • Just because the sex is casual doesn't make it an appropriate topic for casual conversation. Be discreet.
  • Don't assume that duration implies relationship progression.

Click here to see the rest of Daily Bedpost's rules, and to check out my additions, just


  • If you feel yourself getting emotionally invested, don't convince yourself that he's feeling the same way. In fact, as soon as you notice those feelings rising without reciprocation, end things.
  • Don't use someone who has feelings for you as your casual hook-up. Imagine how you'd feel if someone did that to you.
  • Even if you're not sleeping with anyone other than him, get STI tests regularly. (You don't know who else he might be having sex with.)


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