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Blow It Up

If you have balloons in your engagement shoot, make them even cuter by stamping or writing the save the date info on them.

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Kick It

Have your message written on the bottom of your shoes or boots.

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Get Sporty

If you and your man are big sports fans, get creative with your save the date numbers by putting them on the back of jerseys.

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See It Through

Get smoochy with your save-the-date sign by writing it on glass and puckering up behind it.

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Sweeten the Deal

Decorate a cake with the save-the-date message during a kitchen-set shoot.

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Go Big or Go Home

Use full-body-size numbers to really make an impact. (This couple used the numerical pics for their table numbers — too cute!)

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Spell It Out

Scrabble fanatics take note: use the game's tiles to spell out "save the date," and use your ring for an extra bling-y touch!

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Fly a Kite

Let your love soar with a kite that announces your big day.

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Bark It Out

I mean, is there anything cuter than letting your dog get the announcement across?

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Get Fruity

Stick the wedding date on a pair of apples for an orchard-themed e-shoot.

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Take It Up and Away

Take a cue from this pair of lovebirds, who held their save-the-date signage while taking a ride in a hot air balloon!

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Pin It

"Pin" the date with clothespins and then "pin" it on Pinterest. This couple even went around "pinning" the date in their adorable save-the-date video.

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Sugarcoat It

For the twosome with a sweet tooth, stamp out the message on a pair of heart-shaped cookies.

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Keep It Sweet and Simple

Hold an oversize typography sign to get your point across.

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Enjoy the Ride

Sweeten up an engagement shoot with bikes by putting a save-the-date sign on your bicycle made for two.

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Set the Table

If you have a tablescape incorporated in your shoot, a simple framed chalkboard or handmade sign can get the point across while blending in with the setting.

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Pack Your Bags

Put your wedding date on a suitcase for a travel-themed engagement shoot.

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Keep the Time

Incorporate clocks and other timepieces in your save-the-date shot so that no one's late for your very important date.

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Go Graffiti

In an urban setting, "tag" the walls with chalk with your big day's info for a fun touch.

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Chalk It Up

Don't forget to KISS — Keep It Simple Silly — by holding a chalkboard with your date on it.

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Wrap and Roll

String wooden numbers together to make your save-the-date banner you can play with during the shoot.

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Give a Hand

Mix things up by using mismatched vintage beads and game pieces to get your wedding date across.

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Frame Your Words

Get creative with your signing and placement to make your save-the-date moment even more unique.

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String It Along

Write your date on a banner that you can either hold or hang up in the background of your photo shoot.

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Make Like a Tree

Sweeten up a woodsy shoot by hanging save the date signs on a tree.

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Include Your Pet

Don't forget to get your pet in on the save-the-date fun by having him hold a sign.

Photo via Project Wedding
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Follow the Sign

A hand-painted sign makes for an easy and subtle way to incorporate your big day's date.

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Cross Your Words

Get wordy with your save the date by writing it into a crossword puzzle and incorporating it in your e-shoot.

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Stamp It Out

For a foodie-friendly kitchen engagement shoot, stamp the date of your big day into spoons.

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Make a Statement

Get some funky letters from a flea market or a store like Anthropologie (or make them yourself) to spell out "save the date" on the ground during your e-shoot.

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