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Say What? Priest Says Don't Just Sit There and Masturbate!

"My concern is these students are in this developmental phase, and I don't think it's a good developmental practice to just tell somebody to just sit around and masturbate. I don't think that promotes good relationships."

— Father Joe Vetter, Duke University's Catholic Center director, reacting to news that a behavioral economist and student health workers at Duke University asked women on campus to discuss how they felt about sex toys. Of course, Father Vetter is also concerned about women sleeping around too much: "I'm concerned about promiscuity also," he said. Ummm, so what's a gal to do?

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EatYourVeggies EatYourVeggies 7 years
I'm not religous, but I can see where the man is coming from. The availability of porn and the promiscuity of my (unfortunately) generation is rather disturbing. It doesn't bode well for commitments, as well as the way men and women view each other.
biarose biarose 7 years
Those vibrators look good!
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
I agree completely Kimpossible. If it harms none, then go nuts. And the blue dildo is scary lookin'. It looks like a sea creature.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I wouldn't expect any priest to say anything different. He's a faithful servant of Christ and His Church. That being said, the Church's doctrines concerning sex is just one of the reasons why I no longer practice the religion. And I don't mean that in a bitter way. I think organized religion is great for many people, it's just not for me. Whatever feeds your spirit, your soul and doesn't harm anyone else - go for it.
Acid-Pops Acid-Pops 7 years
Yeah, as a Catholic priest he really doesn't have much room to manoeuvre here. Being not the world's most devout Catholic (am a catechism drop out), I went and looked up "sex" in my Catholicism for Dummies book. Sex, as Studio 16 sates, is for procreation and also for husband and wife to grow closer. What I didn't know is that it is also apparently immoral for for married couples to engage in sex if their "sole objective is personal pleasure and nothing more" as this is a sin because they are effectively reducing their partner to a sex object or means to self-gratification. Seems like you're screwed then whether you're married or not... Also, this is apparently the same reason why masturbation is frowned upon.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
That's so gross, chloe bella. Reminds me of last spring at a local parish (actually the one my family first went to when we moved here a long time ago, but thankfully we switched a long time ago). The priest was arrested for a DUI and claimed that it was just mouthwash or something popping up on the breathalizer test. Wtf. Being a priest is not an excuse for being a crappy citizen. *Please excuse me trying to start a conversation out of every post. There's torrential rain in my area and everything's closed. School, library, mall, movie theater, coffee's been raining since yesterday morning with no breaks.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
Well, in my city, yet another Catholic priest was arrested recently in a sting operation after communicating online with the FBI (thinking he was talking to a pimp) in order to arrange a "meeting" with a teenage sex slave. Many people from his parish jumped to his defense and speculated that his goal had actually been to rescue the girl, while others criticized the FBI for unfairly tricking a lonely old man. Then the police found child porn on his computer this week, and his supporters' theories went out the window. So, Father Vetter, if you're really worried about the chastity of young women, maybe you could make more of a concerted effort to keep your fellow priests away from them.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Don't get me started. :)
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Yet another reason Duke sucks. Also, if you masturbate, hair will grow on your palms. true story.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
That thing looks abnormally large. He's a Catholic priest, what else is he going to say? As a Catholic, I feel like I should probably explain sex only being for procreation. Not true. There's never been an official papal document released on that, but the church changed its views on that decades ago. My mother has a bunch of books by this one priest which are basically collections of all the questions he's gotten over the years along with his answers. So many people have asked him things like, "Can we have sex if my husband was sterilized before marriage?" "Can we have sex if we're both too old to conceive?" etc. Every time he says, "Yes. ONE of the purposes of sex is to reproduce. The other purpose is to grow in love with your spouse." Also, every time they talked to us about sex in youth group, they never mentioned anything about it being to make babies. The most they ever said was to wait until we're married. Most priests will tell you, Catholic views on sex have changed dramatically since the Vatican II.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
He's Catholic - it's what he's supposed to say. That is what all Catholics are taught. Sex is only for procreation - it is not meant for pleasure - so that makes pre-marital sex and masturbation wrong in the church's eyes. Not saying I agree, cause I don't, but that's what he would be required to say, and "should" believe as a man of the cloth.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
Wow, first extra terrestrials now masturbation. The church has really picked up its robes and kicked its heals of late. Well I think any sexual therapist worth their salt will tell you the better you love your self the better you can love your partner.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
Oh dear...that pic. There is really no words for that thing. And I can understand where he's coming from.
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