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Senior Centers Prepare for Baby Boom 60 Years Later

With 8,000 boomers turning 60 everyday, the US must prepare for the looming senior boom. Like it did with every other episode of life, the baby boomer generation intends to leave its own groovy mark on the golden chapter of life. As a result, senior centers want to do their best to weather the next generational clash between their original senior clients, and the newcomers.

One senior-center worker envisions paninis and mock cocktails replacing fruit cups and club sandwiches. Recreational centers for the well aged will most likely drop the word "senior" from their titles. Activity schedules will go beyond card games and Bingo, adding Nintendo Wii competitions, exercise classes, and motorcycle outings.

By 2030, 20 percent of the US population will be over 65, and 35 percent over 50. Such a sharp increase in the rate of elderly people in society suggests that senior centers really could simply become community centers. Maybe the young people will show up for a motorcycle ride, too!


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