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A Lightweight Scarf

Ease into Fall with a thin scarf that will not only keep you protected from the end of Summer breeze, but it will bring some color to your pre-Fall wardrobe.

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Catch Up on Your Favorite TV Shows

Catch up on your favorite shows before their new season starts up again. I plan on watching season four of The Office this weekend!

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Cleanse Your Body

Since you probably frequented a few barbecues or an outdoor concert this summer, treat your body to a Master Cleanse or a FitSugar-recommended detox plan to get rid of all those bad toxins!

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New Lingerie

Just because the temp is dropping, it doesn't mean you have to cover up in bed. Instead of putting away your nighties, just wear a darker color — black can be even more sexy than white!

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Take a Class

Even if you aren't going back to school this Fall, it doesn't mean you can't wake up your mind or scratch your creative itch. Take an art class or a creative writing course at your local community college — most offer night and weekend classes so they won't interfere with your day job.

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