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Sex-Addict Rehab: What to Expect When You're Reforming

Sex-Addict Rehab: What to Expect When You're Reforming

Now that Tiger Woods is off the golf course and likely in sex rehab, we're left with one question: how exactly is sexual addiction treated?

Fortunately, recovering sex addict Benoit Denizet-Lewis's book — America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life — just went into paperback and he needs to publicize it. Drawing from his own experience in sex rehab, he tells us what Tiger Woods, and even nonceleb sex addicts, can expect.

  • Attending group and couples therapy: Group therapy is mandatory for everyone in treatment, but clients with spouses must also attend couples therapy — if the spouse is willing, anyway.
  • Signing a celibacy contract: The celibacy contract promises you will not only abstain from sex but also masturbation.
  • Writing an empathy letter: Sex addicts who've cheated repeatedly on their spouses often pen empathy letters, which are never sent but are read aloud in group therapy. More often than not, they're openly criticized for not being empathetic enough.
  • Reading a cost letter: Cost letters are written by spouses and detail how the addict's philandering has affected them and their families. The letters are read by another person in treatment and, yes, in front of everyone.
  • Taking 12 steps: The 12-step program — admitting the problem, recognizing a higher power, making amends, etc. — is as integral to sex-addiction recovery as it is Alcoholics Anonymous.
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