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Sex Can Hurt

Sex is supposed to feel good - we can all agree on that. The thing is though, in order for a woman to get sexually aroused, she's got to be into it emotionally. She needs to feel loved and wanted, and if that's not happening, usually the woman won't get excited, and if she's not excited, her lady business won't create the natural lubrication that's so necessary for making sex feel good.

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That's the whole purpose of foreplay - you've got to warm up the car before you take it for a spin! All that kissing, touching, eye contact, and exchange of loving words arouses women so they're ready for intercourse. If a woman is dry, sex will be painful for her. Also, if you are on hormonal birth control or allergy medicine, vaginal dryness can be one of the annoying side effects.

Whatever the reason for your dryness, there's a personal lubricant out there to help. Astroglide feels very much like what your body creates naturally, but you may feel embarrassed picking up a bottle with a name like that. KY also makes a lubricant that seems less about sex, their Touch Massage 2-in-1 warming and tingling products, that can be used all over your body. Whatever you choose, you'll be happy that you did - it'll make your experience so much better if you suffer from vaginal dryness.

Dear's Advice: Some condoms contain spermicidal lubricant, but I'd steer clear of these - they can cause painful irritation for some women. Look for the condoms that contain only the lubricant without the spermicide.

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