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Sex Myth: Men Want Sex ALL the Time

Where did we ever get the idea that men want sex MORE than women? While it's true that men might feel like it's cool to have as many sexual partners as they can get their horny little hands on, there's got to be women out there satisfying they're need too, right?

In my opinion, it all depends on personality, not gender. Some men don't want sex all the time, and some women can't get enough.

A woman could be sitting on the couch with her man watching TV. She'll reach over and gently rub his thigh, and he'll push her hand away and say "C'mon babe, I'm watching the game." How humiliating, not to mention frustrating!

This debunked myth is screwing things up (no pun intended). In order for a women to want to make love, part of her needs to feel wanted, to be chased, and sought after. So what's a girl to do if her guy has a low libido?

Want to find out, then

If you are feeling sex-starved and your man isn't in the mood, give these a try:

  • Surprise him by sneaking into the bathroom while he's taking his morning shower (and plan on being late to work)
  • While he is doing something like checking his email or watching TV, go over sit on his lap, and casually start kissing his neck. Some men can't resist a woman who initiates sex.
  • Plan a surprise massage. Set up blankets on the floor, candles, soothing music, and massage oil. Add some sweet kisses and I bet your massage won't last long...
  • Wear something you know he likes. This could be a special scent, dangly jewelry, high heels, a flirty skirt, or a t-shirt. It doesn't have to be a sexy g-string - not all guys are into that.
  • Give him a little space. If you are constantly trying to get it on and he's shooting you down, take the hint. Go out with your girlfriends, go for a run, let him be without you, and he'll be missing you in no time.
  • Talk to him about how you're feeling. Maybe there's a reason he's not feeling in the mood.

I hope this helps! Have any other ideas? Share them below.


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