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Sexual Incompatibility

Group Therapy: Are We Sexually Incompatible?

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My boyfriend is an extremely sweet and loving person . . . except in the bedroom. He likes the rough, tear each others' clothes off and get straight to it, constantly changing positions sex. I consider myself to be very open minded and sexually adventurous, and I like that kind of sex too, but I really crave some loving, sweet, make out for a long time and look in each others eyes sex sometimes.

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I guess it's the difference between making love and just f*cking. I feel like you can f*ck anyone, but tenderness and love make a truly special connection. I've talked to him about it before and he'll try for a little bit, but within a few weeks it's back to the same routine. I've also tried taking the lead and slowing things down, but I feel like he gets bored. One time I tried to slow things down by pushing him back and just slowly kissing him all over (something I would absolutely love) and afterward he straight up told me that he didn't like it. He does like giving and receiving oral sex but I feel like it's just the bare minimum until he can get down to business.

I don't know if it's the porn thing or not, I know he watches it sometimes now and used to watch it a lot, he used to have a huge crush on Jenna Jameson. I am fine with him watching it but I don't want to be treated like Jenna Jameson all the time! It's just such a contrast to who he is otherwise, I feel like it's starting to make me insecure in other areas of our relationship because it's almost like I don't know him. Is it just a difference between men and women? Like I said, I'm not uptight or anything, I just want him to make love to me every once in a while and I don't understand why he is so opposed to it.

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