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Shocking & Predictable: "Octomom" in Talks For Reality Show

Shocking & Predictable: "Octomom" in Talks For Reality Show

Nadya Suleman isn't going away anytime soon. The mother of 14, who already has the tabloid-ready nickname "Octomom," is in talks for a reality show to be broadcast either on TV or online, according to In Touch Weekly.

While America already has Jon & Kate Plus 8 and 17 Kids and Counting, Nadya's show has a new twist: it will be about parenting and the single mom's quest for love. Seriously? She has time to date?

While there's no you-must-have-your-life-together" requirement for reality TV (in fact I think it's the exact opposite), chronicling this woman's life for entertainment purposes just sounds depressing. Still I can't think of many people who wouldn't feel better about their life situation after watching this rumored show. I guess we need that in these tough times?

I'd like to think everyone is a little Octomomed out at this point. But clearly Nadya Suleman needs the money, and the American audience seems willing to watch so she can get paid.

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