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Simple Green

Non-toxic, eco-friendly Simple Green cleaner is made in California and Georgia — and smells deliciously licoricey.

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Tootsie Rolls

OK, the real deal, not this little muffin. More than 60 million Tootsie Roll candies are made each day in Chicago. FYI it takes an average of 600-800 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

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Timbuktu Bags

Their custom Messenger Bag is produced in all colors at their factory in San Francisco. Though new laptop bags are being made in China, they personally chose the factory and visit every four or eight weeks to make sure all is in keeping with their vision for fair manufacture.

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After 100 years of being made in Atlanta, GA, the soft drink is giving back to communities with scholarship programs and more. Ah, refreshing.

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Harley Davidson Motorcycles

I don't think the bike would dare be made anywhere else.

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The Company Store Comforters

The cotton blankets and comforters filled with down are made in Wisconsin, the perfect climate to test cozy goodness.

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Blair Estate Coffee

Though coffee seems to come from far-flung and exotic locations, Hawaii produces great java, like this that's handpicked and dried in the sun.

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Yankee Candles

A double whammy of US-made and sustainably sourced, Yankee Candle's Take the Cake soy candles are made from 100 percent all-natural soy harvested from American farms.

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Beep Beep! Though the little scooters are famously being used to police the Olympics now, they're made in New Hampshire.

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Having just read Twinkie: Deconstructed I don't know that I'm eating one anytime soon — but! The little snack cake is made in 63 bakeries around the US.

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Got a headache? Tylenol's been relieving pain from Pennsylvania for years.

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Jaws of Life

Made in Shelby, NC, the life-saving tool has saved over 800,000 people from car wrecks in its 30 years in production.

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American Apparel Clothes

Though American Apparel has a controversial reputation, the clothes are sewn in downtown LA, and the company doesn't shy away from deep involvement in US policy and work toward immigration reform.

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