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This or That: Short or Toothless?

Welcome back to DearSugar's newest feature, This or That, where I give you two scenarios to choose between. They aren't easy choices. Sometimes you'll want both and sometimes you want neither, but you'll have to choose — this or that.

Your friends warned you about meeting people online, but you couldn't help falling for a guy you met on a singles posting. He's smart, funny, incredibly sweet, and looking to settle down just like you are.

You've been taking things slow, just chatting over instant messenger, but you both realize this could be something special so you decide to meet and put a face to a name. When you answer his knock at the door, you're surprised to say the least! Would it be worse if he . . .

Stands at five foot four? You happen to be wearing your tallest heels — yikes — but even if you weren't, you'd still be taller than him.

Or . . .

Gives you a big toothless grin? Not only is he desperately in need of some serious braces, but he's also missing a very visible tooth.


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