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Should Caroline Kennedy Disclose Financial Records?

If NY Gov. Paterson appoints Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate, not only will she avoid an election (for now), but she will also dodge a requirement to file a 10-part, public report filled with details about her financial assets, credit card debt, mortgages, book deals, and any source of payments over $5,000 in the last three years. Theoretically, Caroline could disclose the usual information in a gesture of transparency; instead, she says she will wait to comply with disclosure requirements until after she is chosen as senator, if she is chosen at all.

Little is known about Kennedy's personal finances, except for the assumption that she is wealthy. According to the New York Times, while working for the New York City Department of Education, she declined a salary, which exempted her from disclosure rules. While I can't blame anyone for wanting some privacy, I'm not sure she'll find much working as a US senator.

Since she's going to release them at some point if she gets the job, do you think Caroline should disclose her financial records now for appearance's sake?


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