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Should the Senate Confirm Hillary Clinton?

While Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing seems like little more than a technicality, some argue that the Senate should use its power to prevent the wife of the ex-President from becoming Secretary of State.

Yesterday, commentator Christopher Hitchens provided an argument for taking a second look at Hillary as top diplomat. Not buying Bill Clinton's statements that he plans to stay in the shadows, Hitchens wrote:

Picture, if you will, Hillary Clinton facing a foreign-policy conundrum. With whom will she discuss it first and most intently: with her president or her husband? (I did tell you that this wouldn't be difficult.) Here's another one: Will she be swayed in her foreign-policy decisions by electoral considerations focusing on the year 2012, and, if so, will she be swayed by President Barack Obama's interests or her own?

Hitchens continues by pointing out that countless international oligarchs, royal families, questionable businesspeople, and special interest groups have access to Bill Clinton, and thus Hillary, thanks to their donations to his foundation. He even calls Bill the "great influence-peddler."

Are these concerns dead on, or is he just overreacting?


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