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Single Women Divided Into Happies and Crappies

Single Ladies: Happies vs. Crappies

There's nothing wrong with being single, so why not embrace it? Just be careful about how you embrace it, argues Wendy Atterberry in a column titled Do Some Single Women Need to Shut Up?

After reading Lea Lane's inspired Huffington Post piece entitled Why I'm Alone, Atterberry applauds a single woman who relishes her independence. A widow and the founder of, Lane says that she's not aggressively pursuing a mate because she likes being able to call her own shots and she appreciates solitude but also because "life doesn't always wind up the way you expect it to, and you roll with it."

Lane is what Atterberry dubs a "happy" — a woman who is happy being alone but not militantly antirelationship. On the flip side are the "crappies," women who are off-putting in their lack of compromise and self-righteous singlehood. Let's discuss this, shall we?

Not to sound all crappy about it, but what bothers me about arguments like Atterberry's is that you never hear terms like "happy" or "crappy" tossed around about single men. As if men simply choose to be single, while women have to cope with it, deciding to embrace their single status or be bitter. Though I have a lot of single male friends who long to get married, no one ever pats them on the back and tells them what a great job they're doing embracing their singlehood.

So do you think the happy vs. crappy argument holds weight? Do you think there's a double standard when it comes to single men and single women?

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