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Sleep Positions and Personality

What Do Sleep Positions Say About Personality?

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Most of us like to know a good night’s sleep will leave us refreshed for the day ahead, but next time you crawl into bed, keep Professor Chris Idzikowski in mind.

He’s the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, who conducted a study that revealed six common sleeping positions that show different personalities.

So what are they? Keep reading...

  • The most common position is the Foetus. People who curl up are likely to have a tough exterior but remain sensitive. They may be shy but will warm up quickly.
  • The Log position (sleeping on your side with both arms down) indicates that you’re an easy-going person who is trusting, sometimes to the point of being gullible.
  • The Yearner, who lies on the side with their arms out in front of the body, is open-minded but cynical and suspicious and at times indecisive.
  • The Soldier lies on their backs with their arms down close to the body. These sleepers are reserved and quiet. They also hold themselves and others to a high standard.
  • Freefallers who lay on their bellies with their arms under or wrapped around a pillow with their heads turned to the side are said to be brash and outgoing but very uncomfortable with criticism.
  • Finally, people who adopt a Starfish position are said to be good listeners, helpful and dislike being the center of attention.


So there you have it. Six positions, six personality types. Do you agree with the findings?

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