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This or That: Snorer or Bed Hog?

Though you're not even close to living together, you've recently kicked up the amount of nights you stay with your boyfriend. At first, perhaps because you were so excited about sleeping over, things seemed nearly perfect, but you haven't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks. Would it be worse if he . . .

This: Has a terrible snoring problem? It starts the second his head hits the pillow and then continues on and off throughout night. The worst part is even if you’re able to fall asleep, his loud, nasal snore manages to wake you up.

Or . . .

That: Constantly pushes you out of bed? Every time you wake up, you’re hanging from the edge of the bed and he’s sprawled across the middle with all the sheets! It’s all the more frustrating because he makes you feel like you’re not even there.


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