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The "Not So Innocent" Old High School (Girl)Friend

The "Not So Innocent" Old High School (Girl)Friend

Dear Sugar
My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We are absolutely great for each other. We spend the majority of our time with each other and practically live together.

During the course of our relationship I have always known that he is still friends with two different women that he went to high school with about 7 years ago. They are both married and one has kids. I have met them and we occasionally hang out.

However, I have just recently found out that the relationship was more serious than the puppy love I thought that it was back then. He told me that about a year and a half ago at his birthday party she told him that after high school if he were to have asked her she would have married him.

I trust him and I don't believe that he would cheat on me. But I feel like the wool has been pulled over my eyes and I am confused on how I should feel about this. Weirded Out Wendie.

Dear Weirded Out Wendie.
Everybody's got a past. You have to remember that and as much as you don't like having to be friendly with his, I am sure you've got baggage of your own that makes him a little bit uneasy. Such is life.

Try and gain a little bit of perspective on the situation. Your boyfriend had the chance to be with this girl long before he met you and he chose not to. He's with you now, and he chooses to spend all of his time with you, so I am sure he's happy.

If he didn't want you to have this information, he wouldn't have told you. He's letting you know so that the wool isn't pulled over your eyes. You need to understand that he took a big risk in telling you about what she said.

What if you don't want to be friends with her anymore? What if you ask him to choose their friendship or your relationship? He took the high road, so just be appreciative of the fact that your boyfriend is just being honest with you.

It's only normal for you to feel a little bit territorial right now. You thought it was just an innocent relationship, but really this girl was deeply in love with your boyfriend. I think you have a right to feel a little bit funny about this, but the bottom line is that he's with you now and she knows that. You've got to trust him.

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