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So What Happens Now? The Election Keeps Keepin' On. . . .

So What Happens Now? The Election Keeps Keepin' On. . . .

I wonder if anyone is as exhausted as CBS must be this morning after having called Indiana so early, and then having to wait — alone— as Hillary's lead shrunk. They must have been sweating it to say the least. But when the counting was done, Hillary indeed took Indiana by a thin, two-point margin. Obama won North Carolina, 56 percent to Hillary's 42.

Here's what I'm wondering about this morning. Though the New York Times is calling Obama's win in North Carolina "decisive," it's far from big enough to call off the race altogether (Hillary is moving on to West Virginia this morning) and yes, winning by 14 points is sizeable, though it's hardly overwhelming? Earning 42 percent of the vote doesn't make you a Ron-Paul-five-percenter if you know what I mean. Oh, I'm just warming up,


And I can't help but drudge up the specter of the general election. (Oh yeah! That! I'd almost forgotten that's what we're working toward.) Obama called his win in North Carolina a win in a "big state." Yup, that's true — a big red state. Now math isn't my friend, and I know that Hillary faces some, um, numerical opposition, but so does Obama! The Times is calculating that Obama picked up 64 delegates yesterday to Hillary's 60. That's not so many. There were more delegates at stake in Guam on Saturday! (OK, the same amount, but the point is, small.) The totals now: Obama, 1799; Hillary, 1662. Total difference=137. In that margin, therein lies the will of the people?

And there are a million exit poll demographic numbers, but what about this: In Indiana, Hillary bested Obama among both rural voters (68 percent to 32 percent) and suburban voters (53 percent to 47 percent). There are a lot of those folks voting come November.

Yes, the big story this morning is Hillary's announcement that she's lent herself $6.4 million over the past month, making her the biggest wallet reacher since Mitt Romney, but how much of that money was needed just to combat the media drumbeat of her imminent doom? Is the 137 delegate margin more significant than I think? Was any of Hillary's success last night thanks to Republicans calling for spoiler votes? Should we all resign ourselves to ride it out? Isn't that what the Democratic Party's plan (with its proportional wins and superdelegates) all about? Isn't it just working exactly as they've planned (ahem, straight to a superdelegate brokered convention?) (OK, OK, sorry! But . . . um?) Let me know what you think.

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