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Spontaneous Orgasms? Sign Me Up

Typically, women's orgasms require clitoral or vaginal stimulation, or a creative combination of the two. However, some lucky ladies don't need to involve their pelvic regions whatsoever to have a mind-blowing orgasm. A head massage, some gentle kissing on the neck, or even thinking about sex can send some women into a glorious oh-explosion! It's called an extragenital orgasm, or spontaneous orgasm, wherein a woman can climax without any genital contact.
She still feels the pleasurable muscular contractions in her nether regions but doesn't need to be touched there in order for it to happen.

Some women have this type of orgasm when they are touched on a sensitive part of their bodies, such as the breasts or inner thighs. It can also happen during certain types of exercise, like sit ups or backbends, where a woman uses muscles below her waist. A spontaneous orgasm can also happen after a woman has already had a traditional orgasm; it's like an extra piece of chocolate after an ice cream sundae. Although nocturnal orgasms are in a category all their own, they're still a form of a spontaneous orgasm, since they involve the brain and don't necessary involve genital contact.

So what do you think about spontaneous orgasms? It does sound pretty amazing, but it could also get you in trouble. Have any of you ladies have ever experienced this effortless sensation?


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