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Spotting a Lie

For some people, lying is practically impossible, while for others, spouting a few untruths is almost too easy. But unless someone is a pathological liar, you'll probably see their deception spelled out in their body language and behavior. The October issue of Self has a few great pointers on how to recognize when you’re being totally duped. I've listed them here and added on my own suggestions too!

  • Emotions will appear on someone’s face. So watch their expression closely to see if it matches what they’re saying.
  • The eyes say more than you think. In fact if they seem motionless or neutral, it’s likely that the person isn’t truly behind what they’re saying.
  • A reaction that comes on strong and disappears just as fast is likely to be false. True emotions linger.
  • When you think someone is spinning lies, take note of their hand movement. If they're fibbing, you're likely to see a decrease in gestures.
  • To see my additions just


  • For me, one of the greatest indicators that someone is lying is if they seem to be talking in circles. If you get the sensation that someone is tugging you around, they probably are.
  • Unless you’re terrible at picking up on vibes, it should be pretty easy to tell if a particular topic makes someone uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean they’re directly lying, but it could mean they’re omitting the truth, so beware.
  • I know I say it all the time, but I'm going to say it again: listen to your instincts! There’s a reason you feel like someone is lying, so don't just disregard that feeling in your gut.
  • So let me ask you: Have you ever caught someone in a lie?


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