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Stuck in the Middle with You

Dear Sugar,

I have a great group of girlfriends, but there is a ton of drama in our little circle. Right now I am finding myself caught in the middle of two friends over a guy. One friend is hooking up with our other friend's boyfriend.

My friend told me the other night that her boyfriend told her that he was only dating our other friend because it was convenient. He likes her, but isn't interested in pursuing anything serious because he didn't think she was "anything special". My friend told me this in confidence as her boyfriend did the same to her, but I just don't feel right keeping that information to myself. I don't want her to get hurt so should I break my word and tell? Torn Tabitha

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Dear Torn Tabitha,

Well, you certainly are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If this guy were blatantly using your friend, I would indeed break your word and advise her to tell him to get lost. Is your friend against spilling the beans? I feel there is a time and a place for breaking your word, and this is one of those times. Make sure you have the information correct as this is bound to create some drama.

Perhaps telling your pal's boyfriend that either he tells your buddy and breaks things off, or you will tell her about his intentions. Since you obviously have a close connection with your girlfriends, ask yourself where your loyalty lies. Would you want your friend to tell you if the roles were reversed? Listen to your instincts on this one. Your friend is a big girl, but I understand not wanting to stand by and watch her get hurt so take the steps you feel are appropriate to save your friend's rep.

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