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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Proof That Stupid Questions Do Exist! You know those people who speak before they think? Well, we got a sampling of them right here:

  • "What day is New Year's again?"
  • "How much is that $10 watch?"
  • "I hate stereotypes. We Canadians don't really talk like that, eh?"
  • "When I press on my brakes, the car doesn't stop. Do you think this is something I should have fixed?" -- Asked of a worker at an auto repair shop.
  • "If you record silence on a tape and then play it back with the volume all the way up, will that drown out the noise in the room?" -- Asked by a woman of her boyfriend.
  • "How do I tell the difference between the big staples and the little staples?" -- Asked of a fellow office worker.
  • "The Renaissance was during the 1920's, right?" -- Asked of a high school student by another.
  • "Where do you think water comes from? The SKY?" -- From an overheard argument about water conservation.
  • "Do you want specific information in general or what?" -- From an overheard conversation between two managers.
  • "I wasn't able to tape Oprah. Could I possibly come down there and watch it?" -- Asked of a local television station.
  • "Oh, honey, here's a watch store -- maybe they have it. Do you have any toe rings?"
  • "How do I get my car fixed?" -- Asked of a health insurance company.
  • "Isn't it funny how Thanksgiving lands on a Thursday every year?" -- Woman, overheard in a diner.
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