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Summer's A Comin'

Summer's A Comin'

Dear Sugar
Can you recommend any good hair waxing products? I hate having to constantly shave my legs. And since summer is on its way, I would really love to be able to wear shorts without having to worry about leg hair. Any suggestions? Hairy Carrie

Dear Hairy Carrie
Have you considered other methods of hair removal besides waxing? Nair is still a tried and true depilatory cream. It's fast, safe and good for large areas like legs. Just be careful not to leave it on longer than recommended or the area could get red and irritated. How about laser hair removal? I know that it can get pricey and from what I understand a little painful too, but it is permanent. And anything permanent has got to be economical over time. There's sugaring which is like waxing but the sugar doesn't get nearly as hot and it doesn't stick to the skin, only the hair, so it's less painful. Lastly a good wax brand Gigi. They have a fabulous line of products - and best of all they also sell an antiseptic numbing spray. Gotta love that! It's also selling right now at a discount. Here's the web site

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