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Sunday Confessional: Dirty Rotten Thief or Savior?

Dear Sugar
I've never stolen anything in my life...except for one time. A few years ago I went to visit an animal shelter in another town. To say the place was a dump would be putting it mildly. I was looking at the cats when I came across one cage with a mother cat and kittens. They seemed in good health, all but one tiny kitten with a large, seeping wound on her shoulder.

I was informed that this particular kitten was orphaned, and placed with the others, yet the mother seemed to have rejected the new arrival. The staff at the shelter seemed oblivious to the kitten's poor health condition.

I was so heartbroken at the sight of it that when I found myself alone for a moment in the room, I opened the cage, grabbed the kitten, and placed it in my handbag. I made a clean getaway in the car. I'm pretty knowledgeable about animals and know the kitten surely wouldn't have survived long without medical intervention.

I like to believe I did what was best for the kitten but the fact remains that my actions were dishonest. I was angry at the time, figuring that this place didn't deserve to be paid the adoption fee for a kitten they couldn't have cared less about to begin with.

I brought the kitten home with me and bought everything I needed to care for it myself with my own money. I am sorry for stealing the kitten; I know now that I should have paid for her properly. I was just so upset at the time and I wish that I could have taken every cat in there with me.

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