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Sunday Confessional: I Accidentally Found My Engagement Ring

Dear Sugar,

Last weekend my boyfriend planned a trip to New York for our 4 year anniversary. He got us an expensive hotel and tickets to a Broadway show. I was thrilled to get away and do something special with him.

We had a great time enjoying the day on Saturday, then we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. He took a shower after me and I went into his suitcase to get his camera so I could take a picture of the view from our window. As I was digging through his clothes, I found a small box. I was in shock and thought for sure it was an engagement ring, but couldn't bare to open it for fear that it was something else.

I knew I couldn't keep this a secret because I'd be thinking about it all weekend, wondering if he was going to pop the question, and if he did, I wouldn't be able to pretend that I was surprised. But then I thought, what if he didn't propose, and chickened out of it?. Then again, what if it was just earrings or a necklace? Ugg, see what I mean??

I felt like knowing about that box was like lying to him, so I had to be honest. When he came out of the shower, I handed him the box and said "I found this." He was totally crushed. He grabbed the box out of my hand, opened it, got on one knee and proposed. Of course I said yes and we hugged and went out to dinner, but later that night he said, "Why didn't you just pretend you didn't see it? I really wanted to surprise you and you ruined it. This was supposed to be such a special moment and it wasn't."

I really couldn't have kept that secret to myself and I thought he'd appreciate me being straightforward. I really didn't think he'd be this upset since the bottom line is that we're engaged now. It's been a couple weeks now and he's still so torn up about it. Do you think this is forgivable?


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