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Sunday Confessional: I Can't Stop Checking his E-Mail!!

Sunday Confessional: I Can't Stop Checking his E-Mail!!

My boyfriend and I were in a very serious relationship for about a year-
we were best friends and completely in love. However, he is a workaholic, so eventually it reached the point where I felt neglected when he would have to "pencil me in" to his schedule a week in advance just to see him. I basically told him that I wanted to be more of a priority in his life (not in 5th place behind your job etc) or we needed to break up -- so we broke up.

We were very close, so of course I knew his email password. However, this came to become a problem for me after we broke up. It's been several months since we have been separated and I am addicted to checking his email to see what is going on in his life. I have never done anything other than passively observe, however, I realize how wrong and stalkerish it is. But, I'm addicted and seriously don't know how to get myself to stop! I feel horrible about it every time I do it, yet I keep doing it. In addition, not only is it betraying his trust, but in a way, it really isn't helping me move on at all! I feel more obsessed than in love, and that makes me sick. Is what I am doing forgivable? Has anyone else been in a similar predicament?


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