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Sunday Confessional: I Lied To Get Laid

Dear Sugar

The man that I was hoping to marry broke up with me about six months ago and it's left me devastated, sad and lonely...not to mention horny. So when I went away with some girlfriends to Miami Beach last weekend I decided that I was on a mission to get over my ex as well as finally have an evening of hot, meaningless sex.

We went to a club one night where some of my friends were talking to a group of decent looking guys. I was eyeing one of them and could tell that he was interested in talking to me, but I just couldn't get up the nerve. I decided to hit the dance floor for a little while until I could get my best game face ready.

A few songs passed and one of his friends approached me. I wasn't interested in him, be we got to talking at the bar. I was asking him what type of girl his friend liked. He told me that his shy friend had a real fondness for southern gals who were sweet but also very naughty in the bedroom.

A couple of drinks later, I thought to myself...hmmm, I can fake a southern accent pretty well. I did go to college in Alabama and if talking dirty is going to ensure that I'll get some action later on, then I'll do that too. So I mustered up my best drawl and walked right on over to the guy before I could change my mind.

After a couple of booty shakes and a few whispers of sassy sweet nothings, he was like putty in my hands. We had a fantastic night together. The next morning I crept out of his hotel room after leaving a sweet "southern style" note on the night stand. I know that I lied to get laid, and it's wrong, but it seemed like a win-win situation. Can you forgive me?

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