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Sunday Confessional — I Slept With Someone Else

Last November I started dating this guy who I really liked. We saw each other for about a month, but then he got laid off from his job and left early to head home for the holidays. We never had a talk about our relationship status so I just assumed we would pick up where we left off when he returned the first week in January — but he didn't come back, he decided to travel instead. Although he texted me regularly, he never told me when he would be back.

After two months had passed, I went out with some girlfriends, had a little too much to drink, and had a one night stand with a guy I met in a bar. While it was fun at the time, I was not proud of my crazy behavior the next morning.

Then two weeks ago, out of the blue, I got a call from my old flame — he was back. He took me out to dinner and asked me if I had been with anyone while he was gone, and since I can't lie to people I care about, I told him the truth. He flipped out and said that if I really wanted to be with him, I would have waited. Did I really do something wrong? He never told me when he was coming back or if we even had something! Was I supposed to wait for him forever? He's completely pulled away from me, but shouldn't he be able to forgive me?

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